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Hole in the Wall Transkei South Africa


Dr. Lori Assaf has been teaching the Study Abroad Course to South Africa for the past four years. During Summer Session I, Dr. Assaf takes up to 12 students to Chintsa South Africa to work in local rural schools. We teach local students how to write personal narratives in English and isiXhosa and turn those pieces of writing into digital movies using PowerPoint. In addition to working in the schools for over 60 hours, we go on several hiking excursions, spend the night with Mama Tofu, and visit a local game park. If you are interested in attending the study abroad program, please email Dr. Assaf at

You can find lots of information from this powerpoint too South Africa Presentation Community 2016

Take a look at two of the videos from last year’s trip to get an idea of the kind of work we do with children in schools.

South Africa 2015 Lindsey


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